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Frame Scaffold

  • Interior Scaffold

    Interior Scaffold

    Scaffold Store's Interior Scaffolding is the most durable available! We have taken the industry standard, and made improvements. See examples below:

    Steel Multi-Function
    • Instead of the standard "trigger-style," or "plunger-style" locking mechanisms, we use a "Double-Pin," U-Shaped Handle (see the picture below)!
    • We have also spent extra money to reinforce our already strong Work Platform. Most scaffold companies use two deck reinforcements (on the underside of the plywood deck), however, Scaffold Store uses FOUR (4) STEEL ANGLE IRON DECK SUPPORTS!

    Aluminum Multi-Function
    • Our Work Platform is All-Aluminum, with Aluminum Deck Supports!

    • The Interior Scaffolding is ideal for getting though narrow aisles, hallways, and doors! Because these Units do not utilize traditional Cross Braces, they are perfect to span church pews, desks, and furniture!
    • Fast & Easy to set-up & take-down.
    • Easy to store (doesn't take-up much space).
    • 1.5" x 1.5" Steel Square Tubing (legs).
    • The Work Platform is adjustable in 2" increments.
    • Perfect to use on stairs!
    • Powder coated for scratch & rust protection.
    Other common names: Baker Scaffold, Multi-Purpose Scaffold, Utility Scaffold, Pro-Jax™, Buildman™, Drywall Baker™, All Purpose Scaffold.
  • Scaffold Frames

    Scaffold Frames

    Choose from the most common sizes and styles of Scaffold Frames available! Scaffold Store offers the most wide variety of scaffolding, that are compatible with all major brands of scaffolding (i.e.: Safway Scaffold, Waco Scaffold, Bil-Jax Scaffold, and Vanguard Scaffold). All of our Scaffold Frames are powder coated to help resist scratches and rust. If you are looking for a specific size or style, and don't see it, just give us a call!

    • Quantity Discounts: Looking for 200pcs+ Scaffold Frames, please call to see if a Quantity Discount is available!